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DATE2024.04.01 #News from Academic Affairs

2024 S Semester / S1S2 Term Courses and Student Information Registration to UTAS

For Master’s / Doctoral program students


Course registration is conducted online through the UTAS.

Students must complete the registration procedures during the registration period.

For details, please refer to the “utelecon.”


Course Registration Period

Summer Semester / S1S2 Term courses: April 5 (Fri.) ~ April 19 (Fri.) 23:59


*1. The UTAS account which student received before proceeding to the Master’s / Doctoral program can be continuously used.

*2. Please be sure to check your address and other information registered in the UTAS, and keep it updated.

*3. If you would like to update your parent’s address, please contact the Graduate School Office at

*4. UTAS ID and password are necessary to use the certificate-issuing machines.

*5. Any inquiry should be sent to Graduate School Office at


-Graduate School Office, School of Science, The University of Tokyo-