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Scholarship Information (Updated 4/10)

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◎Scholarships (Index of Scholarship Programs) | The University of Tokyo

updated 2/15


Updated 4/8 NEW

Updated 4/10 NEW

<The University of Tokyo's own scholarships


◎Scholarships from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and Local Public Organizations*Please check each link for those without a deadline date.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Living and Welfare Fund Loan Program Education Support Fund

*This scholarship is available to undergraduate students residing in Tokyo.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Scholarship Repayment and Training Support Program for Employees of Disability Welfare Service Facilities


Application period: Check the application guidelines and website.

Niigata City Board of Education


Tokushima Prefecture Scholarship Repayment Support Program

Kagoshima Scholarship Foundation

 Submission deadline: Depends on the type of application. Check the foundation's website.

> Urgent application

Application deadline: Anytime, contact the Scholarship and Welfare Section with your application request.


◎Scholarships applied directly to foundations, etc. *Forthose without deadlines, please check each link.

Nakatani Foundation for Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology> Update 3/19

(for international and Japanese students)

<The Japan University Co-operative Union Scholarship Foundation

TheJapan Educational Public Service Corporation

<The Asahi Shimbun Asahi Scholarship Program

The Asahi Shimbun Asahi Scholarship Program

Eligibility: Foreign nationals or former foreign nationals living in Japan who meet the foundation's requirements.

<The Asahi Shimbun Asahi Scholarship Program

Although not stated in the application guideline, applicants who are employed by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) are not eligible.

<The Japan Society for the Education of Orphans from Automobile Accidents(JTOL )

Takaku International Scholarship Foundation


Other Scholarships

  The University of Tokyo Satsukikai Scholarship
  The University of Tokyo Satsukikai Scholarship
  The University of Tokyo Satsukikai Scholarship (Shimamura Shojiro Memorial Fund)
  NEC The University of Tokyo Future AI Scholarship
  The University of Tokyo Scholarship for Undergraduate Students (High School Reservation Type)
  Scholarship for Study Abroad, etc.