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DATE2023.10.12 #News from Academic Affairs

Revision of the pages on teaching in the common section of the 2023 Academic Year Handbook.

Disclaimer: machine translated by DeepL which may contain errors.

Some corrections have been made to the 2023 Academic Year Handbook "Acquisition of Teachers' Licenses".
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Faculty Handbook P111, P120, University Handbook P154, 163

 “Introduction to Basic Education” (Mistake) Second year students are not allowed to take the course → (Correct) Second year students are allowed to take the course after the principle.

“Introduction to Philosophy of Education (Theory of Educational Thought)” (Mistake) Second year students can take this course in principle → (Correct)Second year students cannot take this course.


The corrected part and the corrected PDF are also posted on the Teaching page for all students.

Teaching and Curatorial Qualifications Bulletin Board for all students