Apply Now (2014)


Applicants for UTRIP must:
  • Be currently enrolled in a Bachelor's degree program at the time of application. However, at selection, the priority for nomination is given to applicants in their junior year of a four-year Bachelor's degree program. Senior or sophomore students are also encouraged to apply.
  • Be enrolled in the natural science or other related fields.
  • Be thinking of pursuing long-term career goals in a scientific area.
  • Be available to carry out a research project for six consecutive weeks on a full-time basis.
  • Be able to present coverage of a health insurance plan that is effective during the internship program before arriving in Japan.
  • English proficiency: TOEFL or the equivalent English proficiency test scores are required if you are not a native English speaker or if English is not your first language.

Upon receiving UTRIP financial support, students must agree to fulfill the following requirements:

  • To devote their full efforts to conducting the UTRIP project
  • To participate in the project for the full six-week period
  • To submit a written research final report approved by the mentor
  • To give an oral presentation on the scheduled day
The application period is from 9 January 2014 to 24:00 on 3 March 2014, Japan Standard Time.
Selection Result
Selection notification will be announced on the UTRIP website on 7 April 2014. Selected students will be notified by email immediately after the announcement.

Application procedure:

Online Application Form:

Online Application consists of five forms: the forms for the basics of your personal profile, Resume/CV, Cover Letter, Academic Record, and Recommendation Letter.
Please first download our Online Application Form from the website, and fill it out. The Online Application Form includes the forms for academic record, Cover Letter, and Recommendation Letter.

The completed Online Application Form should be uploaded to the website below:
  • Prior to submitting an application form, please review Hosting Labs & Project Topics / Faculty Members & Topics to identify a hosting lab and project of your interest. The student selects up to two hosting labs and indicates the order of preference on the application form.
  • Please review project reports of the past programs, which demonstrate the depth and level of achievement made by participants – available online at Research Projects 2013 & 2012.
  1. The forms for general matters
    You are required to state general information in your profile. Please note that the Mailing Address should be the one at which you receive official documents from the Graduate School of Science and any concerned ministries and/or agencies. If you have a different mailing address when you are out of town for a considerably long period such as summer vacation, etc., please indicate both addresses.
  2. Resume/CV: This should include in-depth descriptions of any work experience, responsibilities or projects relevant to the research topic on which you wish to work during the program. It should also briefly explain courses you have taken or will take as well as prizes and awards, which are relevant to the research topic, if you have any.
  3. Academic record: This is a statement from your university, usually the registrar's office, verifying the dates for which you have been enrolled as a full-time student. The statement also includes the list of all relevant courses, course numbers, complete course titles (no abbreviations), and a description of course content. We prefer the statement to include the grades or marks earned in those courses. When applying, please submit a copy (a scanned copy) of your academic record, not an official record in the original. We request an official academic record in the original (with an official stamp affixed and authorized signature) only after admission, and we will notify you then.
    How to Upload Your Academic Record
    • Scan and upload a copy of the front and back of your academic record. The record may be unofficial.
    • Confirm that your uploaded record is readable. If your academic record is illegible, it will delay your application.
    • Please reduce the file size of your scanned academic record to 4 MB in total to upload.
    • If your academic record is in a language other than English, please include an English translation.
    • Submit an academic record(s) from each university you have attended for one full academic year (two semesters, three quarters or trimesters) or more, regardless of the number of credits received.
    • Any discrepancy between the uploaded academic record and the official record could result in the denial of your application or withdrawal of your offer of admission.
  4. Cover Letter: Please answer the following two questions in 500 – 800 words in total:
    • Explain your reasons for selecting a particular research project at the UTRIP program, and specify how you are qualified to conduct the project. Please also demonstrate your insight into a future career of interest and what you hope to gain from this internship experience as a step to achieving the professional goal.
    • When you find a prerequisite(s) such as specific knowledge, skill, academic background, course work, etc. in the list of possible research topics, you must explain how you are technically qualified for the particular research project.
  5. Recommendation letter:
    You are required to submit one recommendation letter issued by a professor who knows your educational background and academic performance and can make an informed judgment on your suitability for the research project with which you wish to work. The form is attached to our Online Application Form.
    How to get a recommendation letter and upload the completed application
    1. Fill out the Online Application Form, write your resume (CV) and Cover Letter, and paste a scanned copy of your academic record, except for the Recommendation Letter Form.
    2. Save the document with the file name having the DOC or PDF file extension.
    3. Forward the file to your referee who is going to issue a recommendation letter for you. Please do not forget to inform him or her of the following matters:
      1. File name of application form
      2. Name(s) of faculty member(s) with whom you wish to work at UTRIP. Your referee will choose the name(s) from the pull-down menu at the website when he or she uploads the application online.
      3. Additional e-mail address other than yours, to which you want the School to send an email informing of the receipt of your online application.

Note: The purpose of the above procedure is to allow the referee to write matters that he or she wishes to keep confidential. However, if you cannot ask the referee to electronically submit the completed application forms on your behalf and the letter includes confidential matters, you can submit the application form without the letter. At the same time, you must notify the referee to separately submit his or her recommendation letter at the e-mail address below. In such a case, you are requested to inform ILO of the referee's name and the expected date of the letter's arrival, while you indicate in the form for the recommendation letter that the letter will be submitted separately.

The address to be sent:

If your application is incomplete for any reason, we shall notify you of such incompleteness and ask you to try again.
Please make sure the size of your application file is less than 4 MB in total
  • The application period is from 9 January to 24:00 on 3 March 2014, Japan Standard Time.
  • The completed application form should be uploaded to the website below:
  • Selection result will be announced by 7 April 2014. Successful candidates will receive an email from the school immediately after the announcement.


Online application to UTRIP will be accepted from 9 January 2014 until the application deadline at 24:00 a.m. on 3 March 2014, Japan Standard Time. A completed online application includes the following documents :

  • Application form on the basics (general information on an applicant)
  • Resume/CV
  • Copy of academic records (We request an academic record in the original with an official stamp and authorized signature in the original only after admission, and we will notify you.)
  • Cover Letter
  • One Letter of Recommendation

Selection will be made after a total evaluation of the submitted documents.


  • For matters related to application:
    Please e-mail to: