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【延期開催通知】令和2年度東京大学入学者歓迎式典 6/26(土)、6/27(日)【Welcoming ceremony for Students Newly Enrolled in AY 2020】







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【Welcoming ceremony for Students Newly Enrolled in AY 2020】

We will hold the postponed Welcoming Ceremony for students newly enrolled in the 2020 at Yasuda Auditorium on Saturday, June 26th, and Sunday, June 27th, 2021.

Pre-registration is required. For undergraduate/graduate students who newly enrolled in UTokyo in the 2020 that would like to attend the ceremony, please select the desired date on the registration form by noon on Thursday, June 8th.
Please note that you cannot choose a specific time due to necessary venue preparations. We will inform you of your designated date and time of attendance individually by Friday, June 11th.

Registration Form [Deadline: Noon on June 8th]

* Sign-in with UTokyo Account is required.

* The ceremony will be held in Japanese.
* This notice is for students newly enrolled in the 2020 spring semester, but it may have also been sent to other students.
* This ceremony is for students who could not attend the Matriculation Ceremony in April 2020 which was cancelled. Therefore, we are very sorry, but those who newly enrolled in the autumn of 2020 are not eligible.
* Those who had originally registered to attend the ceremony scheduled to be held on Thursday (public holiday), Apr. 29th and Saturday, May 1st also need to register again.
* Depending on the situation, ceremony details are subject to change.

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