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Intense Photon Field Molecular Science

Kaoru Yamauchi, Project Professor, Attosecond Laser Science Institute

Kaoru Yamauchi (Editor)
Strong Photon Field Molecular Science *only Japanese

Asakura Shoten (2022)
ISBN 978-4-254-14108-5

The various colors in our surroundings are associated with the absorption of light by matter. Carbon dioxide molecules determine the temperature of the atmosphere through the absorption and emission of infrared light. On the other hand, this light, which is so common to us, induces various peculiar phenomena when its intensity is increased. In an intense light field (intense photon field), the potential of atoms and molecules is distorted, tunneling ionization occurs, in which electrons are emitted due to the tunneling effect, and a rest state is formed in which atoms and molecules are strongly coupled to the light field. If the intense photon field is properly designed, light can also induce the cleavage of specific chemical bonds in a molecule. In addition, the ionization process induces the generation of higher harmonics (i.e., the production of photons with energies many times greater than the photon energy of the original light), resulting in the generation of light pulses in the attosecond range (1 attosecond is 10-18 seconds), thus expanding the scope of attosecond science using attosecond pulses. Furthermore, new developments such as the observation and application of the phenomenon in which electrons gain and lose integer multiples of the photon energy from the light field when they are scattered in the photoelectric field, the development of ultrahigh-resolution spectroscopy, and the development of fine laser processing technology in the extreme ultraviolet region have been born one after another. In this book, the fundamentals and research frontiers of "intense photon field molecular science," which is developing as an interdisciplinary and attractive field spanning physics, chemistry, and laser engineering, are summarized with plain text. In my laboratory (Quantum Frontier Laboratory, Department of Chemistry), we are promoting research in this field of intense photon field molecular science from both theoretical and experimental perspectives.


Published in Faculty of Science News July 2023

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