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Faculty of Science, The University of Tokyo Winter Vacation Course for High School Students 2022 Online

Yuichi Iino
(Director of Public Relations Office / Professor, Department of Biological Sciences)

The lecture for high school students, which is usually held during the winter break every year, was held on December 26 (Mon.) and 27 (Tue.), 2022. This is the third time the lectures have been held online. The lectures were streamed from Koshiba Hall to the Faculty of Science's YouTube channel, and questions were taken from viewers in real time via slido, with graduate students assisting in the question-and-answer session, which has now become a regular feature of the Corona Disaster. Some Lecturers took questions by themselves without the assistance of students.

(Top) Assistant Professor Kazuaki Takami (Bottom) Project Associate Professor Akihiro Isozaki giving his lecture

On the first day, Associate Professor Kohei Iwaki of the Department of Mathematics gave a lecture on "Is √1 always 1? 〜Microscopic struggle over genetic information" by Assistant Professor Yurika Namba, Department of Biochemistry; "How much life is there in the universe?" by Professor Tomonori Toya, Department of Astronomy on the second day; "How much life is there in the universe? Project Associate Professor Eihiro Isozaki of the Department of Chemistry delivered the following six lectures on the second day: "How Much Life Is There in the Universe? This year, many of the lectures in each field dealt with subjects related to life, and it seemed as if life science was expanding across fields. On the other hand, there was a little too much overlap, and future analysis may be necessary to determine whether the program was able to capture the interests of a diverse range of high school students. The audience asked questions from a variety of perspectives, indicating that they enjoyed the lecture. In particular, questions were concentrated on the topic of viruses, and it was decided to extend the question period somewhat. The Public Relations Office and the Information Technology Team worked together in the filming, distribution, and facilitation of the event. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the audience members and all those who assisted in various ways.

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