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School of Science Fund, The University of Tokyo

Benefits in appreciation of your support
(The total amount of your donation for the year from January to December)
Donations of 3,000 yen or more: A Faculty of Science calendar (not for sale) and clear file


Pushing the boundaries, advancing science, and contributing to society.
Please support the development of young talent in the Faculty of Science.

Dean, Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science, The University of Tokyo

Shinichi Ohkoshi

The history of Graduate School of Science and School of Science dates back to 1877, when The University of Tokyo was founded, and even today, as a group of professionals who genuinely pursue the providence of nature, we have produced many achievements and human resources as the center of scientific research and education not only in Japan but in the world.

Through scientific research, we have gained a deeper understanding of the providence of nature and obtained seeds that can be applied to science and technology to develop human society. The recent Nobel Prize winners Dr. Takaaki Kajita (2015), Dr. Yoshinori Osumi (2016), and Dr. Yoshiro Manabe (2021) have all achieved epoch-making research that has expanded the horizon of human knowledge, and are truly the essence of science.

On the other hand, "nature" is more profound and formidable, and it sometimes sounds a strong warning against our pride and arrogance. Today, human society faces many global-scale challenges, such as resource depletion, natural disasters, environmental destruction, and climate change. Expectations for science, which has a variety of perspectives and a deep understanding of phenomena, to provide solutions to these problems are growing even higher. The Graduate School of Science and the School of Science will continue to create cutting-edge "knowledge" to meet these expectations.

To do so, we need your help.

The Graduate School of Science and the Faculty of Science are eagerly looking forward to working together with you to make a significant contribution toward the sustainable and peaceful development of human society. We would like to ask for your strong support.


What you can do with your support


In response to the need for diversification through the acquisition of new financial resources, the University of Tokyo aims to secure stable donations in order to enhance the following initiatives that contribute to the development of education and research.
Eliminate the abandonment of higher education for financial reasons.
Stable employment of young researchers and the creation of an environment in which they can devote themselves to research.
To encourage and support overseas experiences for students.
Renew outdated equipment and devices to create an environment conducive to cutting-edge research.
Rebuild and repair aging facilities.
Conduct joint research on common issues between researchers from private companies and TUAT faculty members.

Joint research

Researchers from private companies and TUAT faculty members will conduct joint research on common issues.

Social Collaboration

Joint research on common issues of a highly public nature is conducted by establishing a course of study under corporate sponsorship. In addition, as part of joint research, we will establish chairs in cooperation with private institutions to advance and enhance education and research, to further activate human resource development, and to contribute to the promotion of academics and the development of society.

Endowed Chairs

Endowed courses are established through discussions between the university and companies to establish research themes and continue education and research over a period of several years.


Graduate School of Science and School of Science Fund

Life in Green Project

This project aims to develop the Koishikawa Botanical Garden and Nikko Botanical Garden into world-class research facilities for plant diversity, and to make them more open to the public.

Marine Frontier Science Project

This project aims to bring together researchers active in a wide range of fields and experts in business and industry in Misaki, to create innovative businesses and industries unique to Misaki based on the results of basic research using the creatures living in the Misaki Sea as gemstones, and to disseminate information from the University of Tokyo Misaki Coastal Research Laboratory to the world as "the miracle sea that produces innovation, the MISAKI of the world". The project aims to create innovative businesses and industries that are unique to Misaki, and to disseminate information from the University of Tokyo's Misaki Coastal Research Laboratory to the world.

Institute for Physics of Intelligence Fund

As a new challenge beyond the existing framework of physics research, we aim to create a new academic field that fuses physics and AI by constructing Explainable AI (XAI) based on the fundamental principles of physics, which is currently attracting worldwide interest, and deductively modeling causal relationships from cause to effect. We aim to create a new academic field that fuses physics and AI.

Research and Education Support Fund for the Earth and Planets

While basic science is the science of the earth, planets, and the environment, we pursue "dreams" such as the solar system and the birth and evolution of life, and conduct research on the environment, disasters, resources, and other "useful things (contributions) for society and human beings.


(From the November 2021 issue of the Faculty of Science News)