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After receiving my degree from our university in 2016, I joined Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, where I am currently working as a researcher.

When I was a student, I studied astronomy out of a genuine interest in learning about the universe, and was mainly engaged in research on galaxies and the development of astronomical instruments. Among these, the development of astronomical instruments was relatively small, but being involved in the development from the very beginning was a valuable experience that expanded my possibilities. The development of astronomical instruments requires a variety of knowledge in optics, mechanics, electricity, and other areas. I am grateful to the academic supervisors and many other people who helped me, even though I had very little knowledge and experience at the time.

By the end of my doctoral program, I was involved in the development of several astronomical instruments. When I installed the instruments on the large telescope at the observatory, I was under a lot of pressure not to make any mistakes, but I felt great joy when I could actually obtain astronomical images. I also found it rewarding to be able to use the instruments not only for my own research, but also for the benefit of other researchers in their various studies. As I gained such experience, I realized that I was better suited to helping others through manufacturing rather than going into academia, and I began to hope to work for an electronics manufacturer. When I was a student, I was concerned that I would not be accepted at an electronics manufacturer because most of the employees there were from engineering backgrounds, but many of my seniors were also active in the company, and their achievements and support helped me in my job search.

After I started working at the company, I was mainly involved in the development of optical sensors. The company I joined is involved in a wide range of businesses, from consumer electronics to aerospace, and I have developed a variety of sensors for different applications, from improving existing products to researching new businesses. Each time I work for the company, I learn about a new world, and I find it fascinating that I can gain valuable experience that I cannot have elsewhere.

My current job is basically in the same technical field as the development of astronomical instruments when I was a student, and I am able to make use of the knowledge and experience I acquired there. In my work, I often need to understand physical phenomena through experiments and simulations, and the basic knowledge of physics that I acquired during my undergraduate days is useful. In addition, I have many opportunities to make use of my research experience from my graduate school days, as I am required to present at academic conferences, write papers, and obtain patents as a result.

This time, I was asked to deliver a text that will encourage current students to think about their career paths, and with your permission, I would like to introduce my research during my student days and my current job description. The knowledge and experience gained by the time of graduation will vary from person to person, but I hope you will find this article useful as an example of how I have used what I have gained in my studies to make my own way out of the field of science.


November 2023 issue

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