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Demonstration of high-speed current drive of antiferromagnetic magnetic walls at room temperature

-The Road to Realization of Ultrafast and Low Power Consumption Magnetic Shift Registers

The University of Tokyo
Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)

Summary of Presentations

A research group led by RIKEN Research Associate Mingxing Wu (at the time of the research), Senior Researcher Kouta Kondo and Team Leader Yoshichika Otani at CEMS, RIKEN, and Project Researcher Taishi Chen (at the time of the research), Project Associate Professor Tomoya Higo, and Prof. Satoru Nakatsuji at School of Science, The University of Tokyo, Assistant Professor Hironari Isshiki and Project Assistant Professor Takahiro Tomita (at the time of the research) at the Institute for Solid State Physics, The University of Tokyo, have experimentally demonstrated that magnetic walls in antiferromagnets can be driven by nanosecond (ns, one nanosecond is one billionth of a second) pulsed currents.

This result could lead to the realization of magnetic shift registers that can be driven at ultrahigh speeds and with low power consumption, using antiferromagnetic materials as the base material.

In this study, the international research group demonstrated high-speed current-induced magnetic domain wall motion at room temperature using a chiral antiferromagnet that, despite being an antiferromagnet, can electrically and optically detect the magnetic state like a ferromagnetic material. Magnetic domain walls are driven by spin-transfer torque (force to rotate spins) due to the interaction between current and spin texture, and it was confirmed that the mobility (speed per unit current density) is about two orders of magnitude higher than that confirmed in a conventional ferromagnetic material driven with a similar torque. Furthermore, by examining the crystal orientation dependence of the antiferromagnet, we have clarified the magnetic domain wall structure suitable for the high-speed magnetic domain wall motion.

This research was published in the online edition of the British scientific journal Nature Communications on June 11 (JST).

Figure: Magnetic shift register by magnetic wall shift in antiferromagnets, (recording "0" and "1" in the direction of magnetic domains)


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