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DATE2024.06.10 #Press Releases

Discovery of Glyconeogenesis in the Yolk syncytial layer of fish embryos

Kitasato University
Academia Sinica (Taiwan)
School of Science, The University of Tokyo 
Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, The University of Tokyo
Josai University
Tokushima University

Summary of Presentations

Dr. Fumiya Furukawa (Lecturer, School of Marine Life Science, Kitasato University), Dr. Marino Shimizu (Doctoral Student), Dr. Takafumi Kodama (Master's Student), Dr. Pung-Pung Hwang (Distinguished Research Fellow, Academia Sinica, Taiwan), Assistant Professor Daisuke Kurokawa, Graduate School of Science, University of Tokyo Assistant Professor Wataru Takagi at Atmosphere and Ocean Research Institute, the University of Tokyo, Associate Professor Kaori Sano at Josai University Faculty of Science, and Professor Otto Baba at the University of Tokushima Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences have conducted research using zebrafish, pufferfish, and tiger shark embryos and found that a special cell layer in developing fish, called the "yolk polynuclear layer," is capable of synthesizing glucose (gluconeogenesis). 

The results of this research were published in three research papers in PNAS Nexus (March 21, 2024), Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A (May 10, 2024), and Physiological Reports (May 29, 2024), respectively. (dated May 29, 2024).

Overview of the research

For more information, please visit the Kitasato University website.(in Japanese)


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PNAS Nexus)
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Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology
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Physiological Reports
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