DATE2022.04.06 #News

The web magazine "RIGAKU-RU" has been updated!

We have added new articles to web magazine"RIGAKU-RU", which "tells the fascinating story of people and research in the sciences". And also updated other information such as introductions to 10 departments, so please check it out.


▼ Article published on April 1, 2022

【Frontiers of Science】

Atsushi Kawakita,Professor, Koishikawa Botanical Garden, University of Tokyo Graduate School of Science
"Fascinated by the Diversity and Mystery of Plants in Nature"

Takashi Miyata, Professor, Institute of Astronomy, Graduate School of ScienceI
"Don’t Want to Miss a Single Speck of Light Coming from Space"

【Students' Voices】

Yaman Singh Shrestha, 4th year undergraduate student, Department of Physics
"Challenging and developing an affinity for the unknown"

Aya Takahata, Third year undergraduate student, Department of Earth and Planetary Environmental Science
"A new way to study abroad by connecting virtually"

【Alumni Interviews】

Sakurako Tanida, Assistant Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo
"Facing challenges using curiosity and persistence, believing it will all work out in the end"

Atsushi Goto, Senior Scientific Officer, Climate Monitoring and Policy Service Division, Climate Science Branch, Service Department, World Meteorological Organization
"Realizing the abundance of choices in the world"

【Featured Articles: -The Research of Dr. Syukuro Manabe, 2021 Nobel Laureate in Physics: A Panel Discussion-】

Kaoru Sato, Professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Science
Yukio Masumoto, Professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Science
Hiroaki Miura, Associate Professor, Department of Earth and Planetary Science
"The Story of a Pioneer Who Sees into the Future"

【Faculty of Science/Graduate School of Science】

Group photos of the members of each department, unique features of each department, and a brief message from the department chair.