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Important] Urgent Notice Regarding New Coronavirus Infections

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Infections with mutant strains that are highly contagious and can cause severe illness in young people are on the rise!
Please check this page for information necessary for a safe and secure university life. Let's work harder than ever to prevent infection and act with a shared sense of responsibility to "prevent the spread of infection.

Dear Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science

  • The University of Tokyo has revised its response policy to the lowering of the status of new coronavirus infectious diseases to category 5 infectious diseases under the Infectious Diseases Control Law, effective May 8, 2023. The Graduate School of Science and School of Science have decided to take the following measures.

    (1) Handling of wearing masks
    Respecting the independent choice of each individual, the wearing of masks is left to the judgment of the individual. However, appropriate measures should be taken in the following cases.

    *When the faculty member in charge of the class determines that wearing a mask is necessary due to the form or method of the class, or when the faculty member in charge of the class determines that wearing a mask would interfere with the operation of the class.
    In the following situations where wearing a mask is effective, according to the "Review of the concept of wearing a mask, etc." decided by the government's Central Administration Bureau for the Prevention of New Coronavirus Infections on February 10

      • When visiting a doctor, a medical institution, or a facility for the elderly
      • When riding crowded trains and buses, such as during rush hours
      • When people at high risk of serious infection go to crowded places during the spread of infection, etc.

    (2) Basic infection control measures
    Since basic infection control measures are effective based on the characteristics of the new coronavirus, we ask that you continue to implement such measures as avoiding the "three densities," ensuring distance between people, hand washing and other hand hygiene, and ventilation.

    (3) Measures to be taken in the event of new-type coronavirus infection
    According to the revision of the Ordinance for Enforcement of the Act on Prevention of Infectious Diseases and Medical Care for Infectious Patients (Ministry of Health and Welfare Ordinance No. 99 of 1998) and the Ordinance for Enforcement of the School Health and Safety Law (Ministry of Education Ordinance No. 18 of 1958), if a person is stricken with a new type of coronavirus infection, the decision to refrain from going out is left to the individual, so the Graduate School of Science and the School of Science are requested to take the following measures Therefore, the Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science will no longer collect information on infected persons or members of the faculty who are at risk of infection. However, if a group of 5 or more students and Academic and Administrative Staff become infected within the same activity unit at the same time, which is the conventional guideline, and there is a case that is considered to have a significant impact on education, research, and university administrative activities, please report the situation using this dedicated form.

    (4) Social gatherings, etc., involving food and drink
    The guidelines for the prevention of new coronavirus infection during events (decided by the Task Force on New Coronavirus Control on May 19, 2022) shall not be applied during the period when the activity restriction guideline level is "S". No restrictions will be placed on social gatherings, etc., that involve eating and drinking, but please be fully aware that the risk of infection increases in eating and drinking situations. Also, if you feel different from your usual physical condition, please refrain from participating.

    (5) OthersAlthough the Graduate School of Science and School of Science have prepared their own response manuals, we have decided not to update them after May 8, 2023. Please follow the response policy of The University of Tokyo, and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact the following.

    [Students: 03-5841-4008 (ext. 24008), Academic Affairs Section, Student Affairs Division
    [Academic and Administrative Staff: 03-5841-4570 (ext. 24570)

    *Please contact us by e-mail instead of telephone on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
    In addition, the Task Force on Countermeasures for Science-based New-type Coronavirus will continue for the time being, even after the change in its status under the Infectious Disease Control Law, in order to respond promptly and accurately to changes in the infection situation and outbreaks of new mutant strains, etc.

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Department and Division Websites

The websites of each Department and Division also post information on the measures taken by the Department and other divisions, as well as announcements for students affiliated with them.
The following information is also posted on the websites of majors and departments.

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