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Understanding Organisms as Systems
-Cells and radios are the same ! -Yutaka Toyoshima (Associate Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences)

Yu TOYOSHIMA, Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

Hiroyuki Kubota, Coordinator: Tsune Iwasa
Understanding Organisms as Systems: Cells and Radios are the Same! -"
Kyoritsu Publishing (2018)
isbn 978-4-320009271

Systems biology is a new field of biology that attempts to elucidate the operating principles of biological phenomena not by focusing only on the individual cells and molecules that make up living organisms, but also on the properties of the networks and systems that connect them.

The author of this book, Professor Hiroyuki Kubota of Kyushu University, began his research in systems biology in the Laboratory of Shinya Kuroda, Department of Information Science, Faculty of Science, Kyushu University. In this book, the authors explain their research on intracellular signal transduction systems and metabolic regulation by insulin, as well as the progress of their research, in an easy-to-understand manner, so that readers can get a feel for "how to understand biological phenomena" through systems biology. The book also explains how the authors were attracted to systems biology and how they proceeded with their research, which is very helpful for beginning students who wish to pursue research in biology.

Systems biology, while centered on biology, draws on the strengths of a variety of fields, including information science, mathematics, and engineering. The examples in this book will motivate students to study in various fields, including liberal arts courses at universities, when they understand how the ideas and techniques of these fields are connected and useful for their research.

In the Faculty of Science, related research is being conducted in the laboratories of Shinya Kuroda, Tatsuhiko Tsunoda, and Tamotsu Toyoshima in the Department of Information Science of Biological Sciences. Related lectures include "Biological Information Science," a general course in the first semester liberal arts program, and "Systems Biology" in the Faculty of Science's Department of Biological Information Science.

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