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Understanding the Diverse Career Possibilities for Doctoral Students

Mitsuro Kawano/Shinji Yamagishi, Career Advisors, Career Support Office for Science and Engineering Cooperation

2021 Faculty of Science Career Symposium
The Career Support Office for Science and Engineering Cooperation held its annual Faculty of Science Career Symposium online on Thursday, November 18, 2021. Following the opening address by Professor Yoshio Takahashi, Director of the Career Support Office, three Ph.

The first speaker, Dr. Yune Murashita (Department of Physics graduate) of Elysian Corporation, gave a talk titled "The Spirit of Science and Software Development. Mr. Murashita spoke about his decision to join a venture company he met through an offer-type job hunting site as a result of actively looking at many companies, focusing on the three points of being able to make use of his mathematical background cultivated through pure theoretical research in his doctoral course, being able to grow and gain skills, and being treated well. He also talked about the importance of clarifying the axis of one's job hunting. Next, Mr. Tomoya Onozuka (Department of Chemistry graduate) of Toray Industries, Inc. Mr. Onozuka wanted to create something useful for the world, so he went to work at the Advanced Materials Institute of a major chemical company. Until his doctoral course, he found it interesting to synthesize unique substances. While the goal of research at a company is "to make money," he said he enjoys his daily work at the company because he has the freedom to spend 20% of his time on research outside of his primary duties. Lastly, Mr. Hiroki Yamaguchi (Department of Astronomy graduate) of NEC Corporation gave a lecture titled "Job Hunting for Doctoral Students in the Sciences. He told the audience that Doctoral students should focus on their own strengths and that it would be effective for them to make their own sales pitches to the companies they are interested in.

The event was attended by about 100 students, who engaged in a lively question-and-answer session. In a questionnaire survey, 94% of the participating students answered that the lectures were "informative." Through the three lectures, it was shown that it is possible to form various careers in society by utilizing the basic skills acquired in the Doctoral student program, and I believe that the students were greatly encouraged by the lectures.

Published in the January 2022 issue of Faculty of Science News