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Earth, Planet, and Life

Shogo Tachibana (Professor, UTokyo Organization for Planetary and Space Science)

Japan Geoscience Union, ed.
The University of Tokyo Press (to be published in 2020)
isbn 978-4-13-063715-2

Earth and planetary science is a discipline that seeks to understand the origins of the nature that surrounds us. It can be said to be a science that aims to solve everything from the fundamental questions of what the Earth and life are to solving problems directly related to society, such as how human beings should live on the Earth. The phenomena covered by earth and planetary science are diverse, and research is being conducted using a variety of approaches to achieve a deeper understanding of individual subjects.

This book is published by the Japan Geoscience Union, an academic society representing the earth and planetary science community in Japan, for the general public and those who wish to study earth and planetary science in the future, with the aim of providing an overall picture of earth and planetary science. The five parts of the book, "The Earth in the Universe," "The Planet Earth that Gave Birth to Life," "Activities on the Rocky Planet Earth," "The Present, Past, and Future of the Earth's Environment," and "The Human-Inhabited Earth," cover a variety of cutting-edge topics from exoplanets and Hayabusa2 to the origin of life, the Earth's interior, earthquakes and volcanos, Earth history, and society and environment. The book also introduces related scientific papers. The book also introduces related scientific papers, providing specialists and graduate students in the field of earth and planetary sciences with an opportunity to understand the frontiers of a field slightly removed from their own research themes and to think comprehensively about earth and planetary sciences once again. It will also provide non-specialists with an understanding of how earth and planetary science is developed against the backdrop of diverse fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, and information science.

Published in the March 2021 issue of Faculty of Science News

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