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Celebrating the Fall 2023 Degree Conferral and Graduation Ceremonies

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(top) Dr. Yalu Zhang, valedictorian, and (bottom) Ms. Keixuan Zeng, master's student / Photo by Yushi Ozeki

(Top) Dr. Yarlak Zhang, (Bottom) Dr. Keisuan Zeng, (Master) and Dean Shinichi Okoshi (Koshiba Hall)

The diploma conferment and graduation ceremonies for the academic year 2023 were held on September 22 (Fri.), 2023, at Yasuda Auditorium. From the Graduate School of Science and Faculty of Science, Dean Shinichi Okoshi, Dean of the Faculty, and Yalix Zhang (Doctor of Astronomy) and Keiken Zeng (Master of Science, Department of Biological Sciences) took the podium as representatives of the Graduate School of Science.

The diploma conferment ceremony was held in Koshiba Hall, Faculty of Science Building No. 1, for the Master's Course, Doctoral Course, and Global Science Course (Global Science Course. programs) students.

I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all of you who have graduated and completed your studies. I hope that you will make further contributions to the advancement of academic research around the world in the future.






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