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DATE2024.07.05 #Press Releases

Elucidation of the molecular mechanism of vitamin C uptake into the body

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A research group led by Professor Osamu Nureki of the School of Science at the University of Tokyo has successfully determined the cryo-EM structures of SVCT1, a membrane protein responsible for the uptake of vitamin C into the body, in multiple states during the process of vitamin C transport. Based on these structures, they clarified the detailed mechanism by which SVCT1 recognizes and binds vitamin C (Figure). They also demonstrated the possibility that SVCT1 uses a new conformational change mechanism, not previously reported, to transport the bound vitamin C. The results of this study are expected to contribute to further research on the mechanisms of transporters and to the development of novel medical and drug discovery research using vitamin C.

Figure:Structure of SVCT1 in the substrate-bound inward-open state and the vitamin C recognition mechanism


Journal name Nature Communications
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