TAMURA Motohide

TAMURA Motohide
Department of Astronomy, Department of Astronomy (UG), Department of Astronomy (GR), Graduate School of Science
TEL +81-3-5841-4258 | 24258(ext.)
Room 1113, Faculty of Science Bldg.1, 11F

Research Field

exoplanet, star/planet formation, ISM, instrumentation, astrobiology

Research Subject

exoplanet observations, observations of star/planet forming regions & ISM, infrared instrumentation

Current Research

Since 1995 several thousands of planets have been discovered and observation of exoplanet is one of the hottest topics in astronomy and planetary science. However, because of the technical difficulties, direct observation is still very limited. I have been leading exoplanet science in Japan since from its early phase by direct observation with Subaru and new indirect (Doppler and transit) observation at infrared wavelengths. The direct observation revealed the presence of wide-orbit giant planets and detailed sub-structures of disks around young stars that can be signpost of planets. I am currently working on Earth-like planet hunting/characterization with IR Doppler instrument and development oh very high contrast imager/spectrometer. In addition, I also conduct astrobiology and magnetic field researches by observing interstellar polarization and chirality as well as organic matter.


exoplanet, star, planet, infrared, astrobiology