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Dr. Genta Okude was awarded the 11th JSPS Ikushi Prize (2020)

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Genta Okude

Mr. Genta Okude, a third-year doctoral student in the Department of Biological Sciences, has received the 11th JSPS Ikushi Prize for his "Elucidation of Metamorphosis and Body Color Formation Mechanisms in Dragonflies.

Dragonflies are familiar insects that everyone is familiar with. Biologically, it is the most ancestral winged insect and is important for the evolution of metamorphosis. Highly dependent on vision, they exhibit brilliant colors, patterns, and polymorphism, and are a treasure trove of interesting biological phenomena. For many years, however, there has been virtually no molecular-level research on dragonflies. However, Dr. Okude has changed this situation. By establishing a dragonfly laboratory breeding system, describing the developmental process in detail and extensively, and developing techniques such as gene expression analysis and functional inhibition experiments, he has put dragonflies on the chopping block of modern biology and enabled understanding at the molecular level. By making full use of the research platform we have established, we have shed new light on the evolution of metamorphosis mechanisms in imperfectly metamorphosing insects through the elucidation of genes related to metamorphosis, which had been unknown in dragonflies. He has also brought new insights into the coloration of dragonflies. These are results of his highly original research, which would not have been possible without his love for dragonflies and his strong desire to do research.

The outstanding research results and potential of Dr. Okude's doctoral course are truly deserving of the JSPS Ikushi Prize. Congratulations!

The 11th JSPS Ikushi Prize

(Responsibility: Takema Fukatsu, Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)