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DATE2024.06.13 #Awards & Prizes

Professor Keisuke Goda, Assistant Professor Ting-Hui Xiao, and Mr. Xuke Tang win the Horizon Prize from the Royal Society of Chemistry



Professor Keisuke Goda

Ting-Hui Xiao

Assistant Professor Ting-Hui Xiao



We are pleased to announce that a paper published by Professor Keisuke Goda, Assistant Professor Ting-Hui Xiao (currently Professor at Zhengzhou University), and Doctoral student Xuke Tang of the Department of Chemistry has been awarded the prestigious Horizon Prize by the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK.

This prestigious award highlights exciting, contemporary chemical science at the cutting edge of research and innovation. These prizes are for groups, teams and collaborations who are opening up new directions and possibilities in their field, through ground-breaking scientific developments. Professor Goda and his team, together with Professor Lin Guo's team at the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, have made significant contributions to the development of high-strength, high fracture toughness, high impact resistance, and lightweight graphene oxide bulk materials. This work was published in Nature Materials in 2022 and was recognized for innovative contributions that push the boundaries of the chemical field.

We congratulate Professor Goda, Dr. Xiao, and Dr. Tang on their outstanding achievement and award, and wish them continued success in their future endeavors. We also hope that this award will contribute to future cooperation between Japan and China.

Horizon Prize of the Royal Society of Chemistry