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James Webb Space Telescope's infrared images of the Orion Nebula

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Meisei University

Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo


PDRs4All, an international research team led by France and Canada and consisting of researchers from 18 countries, has released infrared images of the Orion Nebula acquired by the James Webb Space Telescope launched by NASA, ESA, and CSA. This data is expected to provide important clues that will allow us to precisely unravel the structure down to solar-system scale, and to understand how newly born massive stars affect the surrounding gas and dust, shaping stars and planetary systems.

Professor Takashi Onaka (Full-time Professor, Department of Physics, School of Science and Engineering, Meisei University; Emeritus Professor, Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo) is a member of this research team.

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Figure: Image of the interior of the Orion Nebula taken with James Webb Space Telescope's NIRCam (Near Infrared Camera). The Trapezium cluster, composed of young stars, is in the upper right outer corner of the image. (Credits: NASA, ESA, CSA, PDRs4ALL ERS team. Image processed by Salomé Fuenmayor)