TANABE Toshihiko

田邉 俊彦たなべ としひこ
TANABE Toshihiko

TANABE Toshihiko
Title Assistant Professor, Research Associate
Affiliation Institute of Astronomy, Institute of Astronomy (IoA), Graduate School of Science
Room 2014, Institute of Astronomy 2F
TEL +81-422-34-5061 | 

Research Field

Astrophysics, Infrared Astronomy

Research Subject

late stages of stellar evolution, variable stars, mass-loss

Current Research

Studying observationally the evolution of low- and intermediate-mass stars in their late stages. Especially, the mass-loss phenomenon and its effect on stellar evolution in the asymptotic giant branch (AGB) phase. Also, interested in the variable phenomenon and the formation of circumstellar dust. Want to clarify these yet unresolved problems by the near and mid infrared observations.


stellar evolution, late stages of stellar evolution, asymptotic giant branch (AGB) star, mass-loss, circumstellar dust, cool star, long period variable, the Magellanic Clouds