SUDA Takuma

須田 拓馬すだ たくま
SUDA Takuma

SUDA Takuma
Title Project Assistant Professor, Research Associate
Affiliation Research Center for the Early Universe, Research Center for the Early Universe (RESCEU), Graduate School of Science
Room 1615, Faculty of Science Bldg.4, 6F
TEL +81-3-5841-8297 | 28297(ext.)

Research Field

Stellar Astrophysics, Database Astronomy

Research Subject

Stellar evolution, Nucleosynthesis, Theoretical studies on stars in the early universe, Astronomical database

Current Research

Stars born in the early universe retain the chemical composition of the universe at their birth environment, which is a useful probe for the evolution of the early universe and of galactic matter through the element abundances of the stars. My research expertise is to model the structure and evolution of stars together with nucleosynthetic processes, and to compare theoretical models with the observations of metal-poor stars that formed in the early universe, for the purpose of pursuing the star formation history of our Galaxy and its local group.


stellar evolution, nucleosynthesis, first stars, metal-poor stars, red giants, globular clusters, supernovae