SUDA Reiji

須田 礼仁すだ れいじ
SUDA Reiji

SUDA Reiji
Title Professor
Affiliation Department of Information Science, Department of Information Science (UG), Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

Research Field

Scientific and Technical Computing, Numerical Algorithms, High Performanance and Parallel Processing

Research Subject

Development of High Performance and High Precision Numerical Algorithms and Their Implementations

Current Research

High Performance Numerical Algorithms: Linear Solvers, Eigen Solvers, Fast Transforms, Numerical Integration Methods, Differential Equation Solvers. Methods of High Performance Computing: Parallel Processing including Heterogeneous Systems and GPU (Graphic Processing Unit), Scheduling Algorithms, Performance Modeling and Tuning, Software Automatic Tuning.


Fast Spherical Harmonic Transform Algorithm; Scheduling Algorithms; Divisible Load Theory; Software Automatic Tuning; GPGPU (General Purpose Computing with Graphic Processing Units)