SHIONOYA Mitsuhiko

塩谷 光彦しおのや みつひこ
SHIONOYA Mitsuhiko

SHIONOYA Mitsuhiko
Title Professor
Affiliation Department of Chemistry, Graduate School of SCience, Department of Chemistry (UG), Department of Chemistry (GR), Graduate School of Science
Room 1402, Chemistry Main Bldg. 4F
TEL +81-3-5841-8061 | 28061(ext.)

Research Field

Bioinorganic Chemistry, Supramolecular Chemistry

Research Subject

Array, Space, and Motion Control with Programmable Self-Assembled Molecules, Discovery of New Structures and Functions

Current Research

What we are aiming now is to control metal complex array and motion and create new functional molecules using purposely-designed functional programmable molecules. In particular, we have been working on metal array control with artificial metallo-DNA and syntheses of metal-mediated motion devices that move like a ball-bearing. With a view to a wide range of fields such as bioinorganic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry and materials science, we have been searching for new principles of synthetic molecular architectures.


Multinuclear Metal Complex, Self-Assembly, Metal Array, Nanospace, Molecular Machinery, Artificial DNA, Dynamic Molecular Capsule, Molecular Ball-Bearing