三谷 啓志みたに ひろし

Title Professor
Affiliation Department of Biological Sciences (UG), Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
Room 102, Bioscineces GSFS Bldg., 1F
TEL +81-4-7136-3670 | 63670(ext.)

Research Field

Genome Science of Vertebrates

Research Subject

Analysis of Genome Maintenance Mechanism using small fish, Medaka

Current Research

Genome analysis of Medaka (Oryzias latipes) has been performed extensively and it has attracted attention as a model organism that provides a range of intraspecific variation. Using Medaka as main research materials, I am working on the genome stability that result in development of cancer, aging, and evolution of species via mutation. My research interests are as follows: 1. Study of Medaka mutants with genome instability and defects in DNA damaging response 2. Clarification of genome maintenance mechanism in germ cells and embryonic cells 3. Identification and analysis of function of genes that support the diversity of wild groups


Medaka, Genome, DNA, Cell Death, Apotosis, DNA Repair, Mutation, Fin, Evolution, Reproductive Cell, Carcinogenesis, Aging