KONDO Mariko

近藤 真理子こんどう まりこ
KONDO Mariko

KONDO Mariko
Title Associate Professor
Affiliation The Misaki Marine Biological Station (MMBS), Department of Biological Sciences (UG), Department of Biological Sciences (GR), Graduate School of Science
Room Misaki Marine Biological Station
TEL +81-46-827-6672

Research Field

Research Subject

1) The evolutionary aspect of regeneration using the feather star (Echinodermata) as a model.
2) Comparative genomics among echinoderms.

Current Research

1) Regeneration is observed widely among all animal phyla, but not in all species. Thus regeneration is considered to be an ancestral trait but in the course of evolution, has been suppressed secondarily in many lineages. Nevertheless, there is no evidence that supports the existence of a common origin. The molecular mechanism of regeneration has much to be revealed. To elucidate the evolutionary aspect of regeneration, we have chosen to look into echinoderms, especially the feather star. The following topics are under investigation.
A) Analyses of molecules involved in regeneration and organogenesis of the feather star in various organs and tissues.
B) Comparative analyses of regeneration and development in the feather star or between phyla/species.
C) Regeneration of gonads during arm regeneration.

2) Echinoderms exhibit diversity in their body plans between species. One advantage of research in the Misaki Marine Biological Station is the availability of the wide variety of animals. This allows us to conduct in various species comparative analyses of the genome, which may give us a hint as to why they are so divergent.


regeneration, evolution, development, organogenesis, echinoderm, feather star, genome