KAWANO Shigeyuki

河野 重行かわの しげゆき
KAWANO Shigeyuki

KAWANO Shigeyuki
Title Professor
Affiliation Department of Biological Sciences (UG), Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
Room 601, Bioscineces GSFS Bldg., 6F
TEL +81-4-7136-3673 | 63673(ext.)

Research Field

Plant Survival Systems

Research Subject

Organelle Division Gene, Molecular Mechanism of Maternal Inheritance, Plant Sex Chromosome

Current Research

I am working on the origin and evolution of sex of eukaryotic organisms, using various research materials ranging from microalgae and fungi to higher organisms. Prokaryotic organisms that made intracellular coexistence in the formation of eukaryotic organisms abandoned their independent mitotic apparatus and became mitochondria and chloroplast. What were the structure of the newly-acquired mitotic apparatus and its control mechanism like? Why are many of mitochondria and chloroplast maternally-inherited? How were plant sex chromosome acquired? I am trying to clarify these questions.


Chloroplast, Mitochondria, Organelle, Mitotic Gene, Mitotic Apparatus, Maternal Inheritance, Sex Chromosome, Eukaryotic Microalgae, True Slime Mold, White Campion