KANEKO Kunihiko

金子 邦彦かねこ くにひこ
KANEKO Kunihiko

Title Professor
Affiliation Department of Basic Science, Research Center for Complex Systems Biology, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences /<br>Department of Physics, Department of Physics (UG), Department of Physics (GR), Graduate School of Science
Room 808B, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (Komaba) Bldg.16, 8F
TEL +81-3-5454-6746 | 46746(ext.)

Research Field

Theoretical Biophysics, Complex-Systems Biology, Nonlinear Dynamics

Research Subject

Uncovering Universal Laws in Reproduction, Adaptation, Development, and Evolution , High-dimensional Dynamical Systems

Current Research

Based on consistency between microscopic and macroscopic levels, universal laws characterizing activity, robustness, and plasticity in reproduction, heredity, differentiation, adaptation, and evolution are formulated. Dynamical systems with many degrees and different timescales are studied in relationship with biology and cognition.


Complex systems, chaos, chaotic itinerancy, fluctuation, adaptation, reproduction, phenotypic evolution, differentiation