KANAI Masahiko

金井 雅彦かない まさひこ
KANAI Masahiko

KANAI Masahiko
Title Professor
Affiliation Department of Mathematics (UG), Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences

Research Field


Research Subject

Rigidity of group actions and foliations

Current Research

I have been working on rigidity problems for years. What is meant by 'rigidity' is such as those in the strong rigidity theorem of Mostow or in the super-rigidity of Margulis. One of the atractive aspects of the rigidity problems is that the backgrounds of those mathematicians who made big contributions to the subject are widely spread: Some are from repsesention theory, some from the theory of dynamical systems or ergodity theory, and so on and so forth. I am aiming at taking a part in the subject especially as an expert of geometry. I have been focusing myself on rigidity problems especially for group actions and foliations, which could be thought of as infinite-dimensional versions of those classical rigidity theorems mentioned earier.


Geometry, Rigidity, Group actions, foliations