ISHIDA Takafumi

石田 貴文いしだ たかふみ
ISHIDA Takafumi

ISHIDA Takafumi
Title Professor
Affiliation Department of Biological Sciences (UG), Department of Biological Sciences (GR), Graduate School of Science
Room 363, Faculty of Science Bldg.2, 3F
TEL +81-3-5841-4633 | 24633(ext.)

Research Field


Research Subject

1. Hominization 2. human Diversity 3. Pathoanthropology 4. Establishment of Bio-resources

Current Research

1. Hominization<br>
Primate Genome Evolution<br>
Genome Stability<br>

2. human Diversity<br>

Genetic and epigenetic human variation. <br>
Origin of infectious diseases and zoonosis. <br><br>

3. Pathoanthropology<br>

Host backgrounds of virus associated cancers and malaria. <br>
4. Establishment of Cell and DNA repository<br>

Preservation of primate (25 species), mammal (20 species)cells and DNAs.


Apes, Gibbons, Macaques, Mammals, Primates, Race, Epidemiology, Ethnology, Oncology, Virology, Ageing, Cancer, Molecular Ecology, Cell & DNA Bank, Evolution, Malaria, p53