DOI Mamoru

土居 守どい まもる
DOI Mamoru

DOI Mamoru
Title Professor, Director of IoA
Affiliation Institute of Astronomy (IoA), Graduate School of Science
Room 2001, IoA Mitaka 2F
TEL +81-422-34-5026

Research Field

Observational Cosmology, Extra-Galactic Astronomy, Supernova

Research Subject

Measuring Expansion of the Universe with SNIa and galaxy distributions Studying galaxy formation and evolution

Current Research

My main research activities are observational Atronomy with optical wide-field cameras and with a multi-band simultaneous imager. The activities include measurement of the expansion of the universe to constrain mysterious dark energy with type Ia supernovae, found with wide field cameras (mainly Suprime-Cam at Subaru telescope), followed with large ground-based telescopes and the Hubble space telescope through international collaborations. Variable objects including AGN, supernova, and variable stars are also targets for observational studies using wide-field optical imaging. Quantifying galaxy morphology is also another research activities.


Wide-Field Camera, multi-band simultaneous imager, supernova, expansion of the universe, dark energy, AGN, variable objects, galaxy morphology