TANEDA Haruhiko

TANEDA Haruhiko
Associate Professor, Research Associate
Department of Biological Sciences (Plant Science), Nikko Botanical Garden, Department of Biological Sciences (UG), Department of Biological Sciences (GR), Graduate School of Science
TEL +81-3-5841-4467 | 24467(ext.)
Room 24, Faculty of Science Bldg.2, BF

Research Field

Ecophysiology, Plant water relations

Research Subject

1) Is the resistance to freeze-induced embolism primary for determining the northern limit of evrgreen broad-leaved trees?2) How is the plant water use influenced by the different features between ring-porous and diffuse-porous wood?3) Does water-transport capacity constrain biomass allocation among roots, stems and leaves?4) What hydraulic achitecture can deliver water equally to all the leaves in a plant?

Current Research

A goal of my research is to reveal details and contributions of plant water transport system to life forms and distributions. Plants need large amount of water because the water transpires from a plant body during photosynthesis. Tranport systems in the plant compensates the transpired water conducting water through parenchyma and vascular tissues. To survive dey terrestrial environment, plants aquired efficient and safett water transport from soil to leaves. I am revealing the ellaborated systems using mass flow measurement, observations on anatomical traits, magnetic resolution instrument etc.


water transport, water stress, adaptation to cold environment, xylem architecture, biomass allocation