IMADA Shinsuke

IMADA Shinsuke
Department of Earth and Planetary Environmental Science (UG), Department of Earth and Planetary Physics (UG), Department of Earth and Planetary Science (GR), Graduate School of Science
TEL +81-5841-4591 | 24591(ext.)
Room cience Bldg. 1 room 805

Research Field

Space Physics, Solar Physics, Magnetospheric Physics

Research Subject

Magnetic Reconnection, Particle acceleration, Solar Cycle Prediction, Solar-Terrestrial Environment

Current Research

Solar atmosphere, Earth’s magnetosphere, or interplanetary space is filled with ionized gas, which is called plasma. I am trying to understand why plasma can be rapidly accelerated or heated in space. Especially, I am interested in magnetic reconnection which is one the fastest energy conversion mechanism from magnetic field energy to plasma energy.

I am also conducting research on the prediction of the solar cycle. The activity of the sun has a cycle of 11 years, and each cycle itself has its own individuality. Predict the next solar cycle by making full use of image analysis of solar satellite observation and numerical simulation.

Main research subjects: Solar corona, photosphere, Earth's magnetotail

Specific research contents include the following.
・Thermal non-equilibrium plasma in solar atmosphere
・Flare study observed by Hinode/EIS
・Partcle acceleration and heating during magnetic reconnection
・Solar-terrestrial enviroment 3.5 billions years ago
・Solar satellite data analysis using machine learning and image analysis technique
・Next solar cycle prediction
・Proposal and development of next generation solar observation satellite


Space and Universe, Solar Atmosphere, Magnetosphere, Plasma, Particle Acceleration, Magnetic Reconnection, Satellite Observation, Numerical Simulation, Image Analysis, Machine Learning