TAKAYAMA Shigeharu

高山 茂晴たかやま しげはる
TAKAYAMA Shigeharu

Title Professor
Affiliation Department of Mathematics (UG), Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences
Room 514, Graduate School of Mathematical Science Bldg, 5F
TEL +81-3-5465-7044 | 47044(ext.)

Research Field

Complex Geometry

Research Subject

Pluri-caninocal bundle

Current Research

I study complex algebraic varieties by an analytic method. More
concretely I study algebraic and geometry properties of these varieties
by applying singular Hermitian metrics of line bundles, multiplier ideal
sheaves and Kodaira-type cohomology vanishing theorems. I am currently
interested in pluricanonical bundle and its relative version.


Pluri-caninocal bundle, multiplier ideal sheaf