今村 剛いまむら たけし

Title Professor
Affiliation Graduate School of Science, Department of Earth and Planetary Physics (UG), Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
Room Kiban-tou 4H7, Kashiwa campus
TEL +81-4-7136-3928

Research Field

planetary atmospheres

Research Subject

atmospheric circulation, climate formation, planetary exploration

Current Research

(1) Exploration of planetary atmospheres
Exploration of the atmosphere on Venus by the Japanese explorer AKATSUKI is ongoing. We use data collected by AKATSUKI to unveil the mysteries of Venusian meteorology, such as the high-speed westward circulation "super-rotation" and thick sulfuric acid clouds. The development of a Mars exploration program focused on water cycle and dust transport is also ongoing.

(2) Radio occultation observations
In a radio occultation experiment, a spacecraft transmits radio waves toward a tracking station on the earth and sequentially goes behind the planet's atmosphere. During such occultation events, the planetary atmosphere causes frequency and amplitude fluctuations from which information on the atmosphere can be obtained. We apply this technique to various planets and the solar corona.

(3) Numerical modeling
Common physical processes behind the apparent diversity of atmospheric phenomena on the planets are investigated with numerical modeling and theories.


planet, atmosphere, planetary exploration