The University of Tokyo, is looking for a student from overseas.
How to enter the University of Tokyo has the following three.



Graduate Departments

Research and education at the Graduate School of Science (GSS) of the University of Tokyo aim to create and develop new knowledge of the truths of the natural world and ensure that this knowledge is conveyed to students, peers, and the wider society. The GSS provides superb instruction in the concepts and methodologies for pursuing frontline research into the physical sciences to graduate students who will play leading roles in their future chosen fields. Todai graduate students finish their studies confident in their creativity and equipped with the knowledge and means to address and solve problems of the future.

Undergraduate Departments

At its essence, science searches for the fundamental principles and laws in the natural world through a "dialogue with nature." Starting with simple questions like "Why?" and "How?" we approach the mysteries of nature. What motivates scientific research is the desire for wisdom, the defining characteristic of human beings. Sometimes our understanding of nature is immediately applied to the real world; other times it brings about deep-seated changes in our lives over a long span of time.