YAMANOI Yoshinori

YAMANOI Yoshinori
Associate Professor
Department of Chemistry, Department of Chemistry (UG), Department of Chemistry (GR), Graduate School of Science
TEL +81-3-5841-4347 | 24347(ext.)
Room 2601C, Chemistry West Bldg. 2F

Research Field

Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Material Chemistry

Research Subject

Development and Research on Nano-scale Materials that Possess Novel Functionalities

Current Research

I am working to create novel functional materials by modifying inorganic compounds as represented by nanoparticles with a variety of organic compounds and by using biochemistry and physical chemistry method as needed. In particular, my current research interests are mainly in artificial photosynthesis oriented “hybrid materials of bio-molecules, organic compounds and inorganic compounds” and “semiconductor substrates for nanoparticle stabilizer” aimed for the development of conductive nano dots.


Nanoparticle, Artificial Photosynthesis, Semiconductor Substrate, Conductive Nano Dot