TAKAGI Shunsuke

高木 俊輔たかぎ しゅんすけ
TAKAGI Shunsuke

TAKAGI Shunsuke
Title Professor
Affiliation Department of Mathematics (UG), Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences
Room 417, Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences Bldg. 4F, Komaba Campus

Research Field

Algebraic Geometry, Commutative Algebra

Research Subject

Singularities of algebraic varieties

Current Research

My research interest is focused on the study of singularities of algebraic varieties, especially singularities arising from the minimal model program. I study them using the theory of F-singularities, singularities defined in terms of the Frobenius morphism. As a global version of the above study, I also study the geometric properties of Frobenius splitting varieties.


Singularities, F-singularities, Frobenius splitting, Local cohomology.