SATO Kaoru

SATO Kaoru
Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Department of Earth and Planetary Physics (UG), Department of Earth and Planetary Science (GR), Graduate School of Science
TEL +81-3-5841-4668 | 24668(ext.)
Room 847, Faculty of Science Bldg.1, 8F

Research Field

Atmospheric dynamics, Middle atmosphere science

Research Subject

Atmospheric waves and instability, and their roles on the earth climate. Transport and mixing processes of minor constituents.

Current Research

Atmospheric phenomena are deeply involved in the large-scale thermal and wind structures and general circulation. We are conducting meteorological studies aiming at elucidation of physical mechanisms embedded in the hierarchical structure of the atmospheric disturbances such as gravity waves, Rossby waves, equatorial waves, instabilities, and turbulence using high-resolution observations and numerical modelling. In addition, using the first large-scale atmospheric radar PANSY installed at Syowa Station, we are preforming advanced science research on polar atmosphere such as severe snow storms, low pressure systems, polar vortex, stratospheric sudden warmings, polar stratospheric/mesospheric clouds, and Antarctic ozone hole. In addition, we are also trying to incorporate information science methods such as data assimilation and deep learning into the meteorology.


Atmospheric waves, general circulation, hierarchical structure, high-resolution climate models, Program of the Antarctic Syowa MST/IS radar (PANSY)