SAKO Shigeyuki

酒向 重行さこう しげゆき
SAKO Shigeyuki

SAKO Shigeyuki
Title Associate Professor
Affiliation Department of Astronomy (DoA), Institute of Astronomy (IoA), Graduate School of Science
Room Room2008, 2F, Institute of Astronomy
TEL +81-3-5841-4217 / +81-422-34-5079

Research Field

Optical-Infrared astronomy, Instrumentation for astronomy, Time domain astronomy

Research Subject

Survey of short-time-scale transients. Developments of instruments for optical and infrared astronomy.

Current Research

[Research Interests] Origin of the Earth and life, exoplanets, star and planet formation, small bodies in the solar system, interstellar and interplanetary dust, unknown transient universe.

[Instrumentation] Development of optical wide-field cameras. Near and mid-infrared cameras and spectrometers. Remote and automatic observation system for ground-based telescopes.

[Detectors] Development of data acquisition system for large-format and high-speed array sensors. Evaluation of optical and infrared detectors. CMOS high-speed video sensors.

[Advanced optics] Development of functional optical elements. Metal mesh wavelength-selective filter for infrared. Moth-eye antireflective coating for infrared. Sub-wavelength structure elements.

[Informatics with big data] Acquisition of sky big data by optical video-sky-survey. Machine learning. Sparse modeling. Optimization. Advanced database. Real time data analysis system.

[Social utilization and education] Utilization of big data of space debris, artificial satellites, and wide-field images obtained by the video-sky-survey. Actions towards SDGs with nature big data and high-speed network.


Origin of the Earth and life, Instrumentation, TAO, Kiso, Optical, Infrared, Transient phenomena, Astroinformatics