SAKO Shigeyuki

SAKO Shigeyuki
Associate Professor
Department of Astronomy (DoA), Institute of Astronomy (IoA), Graduate School of Science
TEL +81-3-5841-4217 / +81-422-34-5079
Room Room2008, 2F, Institute of Astronomy

Research Field

Optical-Infrared astronomy, Instrumentation for astronomy, Time domain astronomy

Research Subject

Survey of short-time-scale transients. Developments of instruments for optical and infrared astronomy.

Current Research

[Research Interests] Origin of the Earth and life, exoplanets, star and planet formation, small bodies in the solar system, interstellar and interplanetary dust, unknown transient universe.

[Instrumentation] Development of optical wide-field cameras. Near and mid-infrared cameras and spectrometers. Remote and automatic observation system for ground-based telescopes.

[Detectors] Development of data acquisition system for large-format and high-speed array sensors. Evaluation of optical and infrared detectors. CMOS high-speed video sensors.

[Advanced optics] Development of functional optical elements. Metal mesh wavelength-selective filter for infrared. Moth-eye antireflective coating for infrared. Sub-wavelength structure elements.

[Informatics with big data] Acquisition of sky big data by optical video-sky-survey. Machine learning. Sparse modeling. Optimization. Advanced database. Real time data analysis system.

[Social utilization and education] Utilization of big data of space debris, artificial satellites, and wide-field images obtained by the video-sky-survey. Actions towards SDGs with nature big data and high-speed network.


Origin of the Earth and life, Instrumentation, TAO, Kiso, Optical, Infrared, Transient phenomena, Astroinformatics