SAKEMI Yasuhiro

SAKEMI Yasuhiro
Professor, Director of CNS
Center for Nuclear Study (CNS), Graduate School of Science
TEL +81-48-464-4048
Room CNS Wako Branch 308

Research Field

Experimental nuclear physics

Research Subject

Fundamental symmetry in quantum many body system

Current Research

In the Standard Model (SM) of elementary particle physics, the fundamental discrete symmetries of charge conjugation (C), parity (P) and time reversal (T) play a significant role, and advance our knowledge about different interactions. Of these, the combined CP symmetry are the least well understood, and they hold valuable clues for unraveling the secrets of nature. All subatomic particles are postulated to possess an intrinsic property known as a permanent electric dipole moment (EDM) due to their spin. The EDM of an atom is a combination of those of each constituent particle and also CP-violating interactions between the particles.
Paramagnetic atoms such as Fr, which have a single valence electron in their outer shell, are sensitive to subtle signals associated with CP violations in the leptonic sector, i.e., the EDM of the electron. Since an electron is a point particle with a non-zero spin, it may possess an intrinsic EDM. However, the electron EDM is predicted to be very small. If the e-EDM was identified, it could be used to indirectly investigate particles with masses of tera electron Volts or higher, which are beyond the reach of even planned high-energy particle colliders. The mass hierarchy of super-symmetry (SUSY) particles could also be studied.


Fundamental symmetry・SUSY・EDM・Optical lattice atomic interferometer