OKADA Masato

岡田 真人おかだ まさと
OKADA Masato

OKADA Masato
Title Professor
Affiliation Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
Room 7A6, 7F, Transdisciplinary Sciences, GSFS, Kashiwa Campus
TEL +81-4-7136-4085 | 64085(ext.)

Research Field


Research Subject

Computational neuroscience based on statistical mechanics and its application

Current Research

We study brain functions such as memory and vision using methods of statistical mechanics. We also develop statistical-mechanical informatics focusing on the similarity between the framework of Bayesian inference and that of statistical mechanics. We have recently started to promote ‘Data-Driven Science’ for the purpose of establishing an efficient methodology to extract scientific knowledge from high-dimensional data.


Computational Neuroscience, Statistical-Mechanical Informatics, Neural Network, Associative-Memory Model, Computer Vision, Bayesian Inference, Data-Driven Science