NOSE Akinao

能瀬 聡直のせ あきなお
NOSE Akinao

NOSE Akinao
Title Professor
Affiliation Department of Physics (UG), Department of Physics (GR), Graduate School of Science
Room 402, Faculty of Science Bldg.1/4H8, Transdisciplinary Sciences, GSFS
TEL +81-3-5841-8724/+81-4-7136-3919 | 28724/63919(ext.)

Research Field


Research Subject

Formation and Function of Neural Circuits

Current Research

Molecular mechanisms of brain/nervous system development: By discovering and analyzing molecules relating to axon guidance and synapse formation, I explore the physical basis of neural network formation. Using model laboratory animals, I conduct researches based on the technologies of biophysics, opto-genetics, and developmental engineering.


Neural Circuit, Drosophila, Axon guidance, Synapse, Bio-imaging, Electrophysiology