MORI Toshiya

MORI Toshiya
Associate Professor
Geochemical Research Center (GRC), Graduate School of Science
TEL +81-3-5841-4649 | 24649(ext.)
Room 0104, Chemistry EastBldg. 1F

Research Field


Research Subject

The degassing proccess of magma and the mechanism of eruptions based on observational research on volcanic gas emissions

Current Research

Chemical compositions and/or flux of volcanic gases reflect conditions of magma activity or hydrothermal system beneath the volcano. Monitoring of volcanic gases is therefore an important research target to understand the conditions of volcanic acitivities. So far, my work has been focused on developing and establishing new techniques for monitoring volcanic gases. In developing a remote measurement technique for volcanic gas compositions, our group pioneered remote measurement of multiple gas species in volcanic plume using infrared absorption spectroscopy.In collaboration with a several Japanese research groups, we developped a compact UV spectrometer system to measure SO2 flux from volcanoes.We are recently developping a new instrumentto visualize SO2 distributions in the volcanic plumes.


volcanic gas, eruption, remote sensing, gas flux, eruption mechanism