KIRYU Hisanori

木立 尚孝きりゅう ひさのり
KIRYU Hisanori

KIRYU Hisanori
Title Associate Professor
Affiliation Department of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (UG), Graduate School of Frontier Sciences
Room 353, Kashiwa General Research Bldg., Kashiwa Campus
TEL +81-4-7136-3972 | 63972(ext.)

Research Field

Data-driven mathematical biology, Bioinformatics, Computational Biology

Research Subject

Biological data analysis using AI and machine learning, Statistical inference of differential equations

Current Research

Our laboratory is focusing on making biological discoveries through the computational analysis of explosively increasing biological data from single-cell sequencing, animal behavior, and plant morphology.
We are also developing data-driven techniques to automatically infer differential equations from data, which are necessary for such analysis.


Mathematical biology, Bioinformatics, Data science, Artificial Intelligence, AI, Machine learning