KAGI Hiroyuki

KAGI Hiroyuki
Geochemical Research Center (GcRC), Graduate School of Science
TEL +81-3-5841-4450 | 27625/24450(ext.)
Room 2701, Chemistry West Bldg. 7F

Research Field

Geochemistry, Deep earth mineralogy

Research Subject

Behavior of Elements on Earth, Structural Change of Materials at High Pressure, Growth and Dissolution of Minerals

Current Research

I am aiming to understand what is happening in the Earth’s interior from chemical aspects. Currently, I am working on the following researches: 1) Observation of structural change of inorganic compounds using X-ray, neutron diffraction and spectroscopic method at high pressure 2) In-situ observation of dissolution and growth of minerals, which causes the mass transfer of the Earth 3) Study on trace substance that has a strong influence on the above


Earth’s Interior, Spectroscopy, High Pressure, Fluid Inclusion, Geochemistry, Minerals, Surface, Crystal Growth, Dissolution, Neutron Diffraction, In-Situ Observation, Speciation