KAGI Hiroyuki

鍵 裕之かぎ ひろゆき
KAGI Hiroyuki

KAGI Hiroyuki
Title Professor
Affiliation Geochemical Research Center (GRC), Graduate School of Science
Room 2701, Chemistry West Bldg. 7F
TEL +81-3-5841-4450 | 27625/24450(ext.)

Research Field

Geochemistry, Deep earth mineralogy

Research Subject

Behavior of Elements on Earth, Structural Change of Materials at High Pressure, Growth and Dissolution of Minerals

Current Research

I am aiming to understand what is happening in the Earth’s interior from chemical aspects. Currently, I am working on the following researches: 1) Observation of structural change of inorganic compounds using X-ray, neutron diffraction and spectroscopic method at high pressure 2) In-situ observation of dissolution and growth of minerals, which causes the mass transfer of the Earth 3) Study on trace substance that has a strong influence on the above


Earth’s Interior, Spectroscopy, High Pressure, Fluid Inclusion, Geochemistry, Minerals, Surface, Crystal Growth, Dissolution, Neutron Diffraction, In-Situ Observation, Speciation