ITAI Takaaki

ITAI Takaaki
Associate Professor
Department of Earth and Planetary Environmental Science (UG), Department of Earth and Planetary Physics (UG), Department of Earth and Planetary Science (GR), Graduate School of Science
TEL +81-3-5841-4553
Room Building #1 Dept. Sci.

Research Field

Environmental Geochemistry, Ecological Geochemistry, Limno- chemistry

Research Subject

Geochemical cycling of trace elements among water-mineral-biota

Current Research

Geochemical perspective on the factors controlling the behavior of trace elements in the Earth's surface environment. Current research interests are: (1) developing prediction model of trace element level in lakes and marshes and its application to ecological risk assessment, (2) chemical interactions between lower trophic level ecosystems and aquatic environment, (3) Isoscape approach using trace element stable isotope ratios of marine predator, and (4) Promoting retrospective environmental science using biological archive.


geochemistry, mercury, arsenic, lake, bioaccumulation, stable isotope