ANDO Masaki

ANDO Masaki
Associate Professor
Department of Physics, Department of Physics (UG), Department of Physics (GR), Graduate School of Science
TEL +81-3-5841-4141 | 24141(ext.)
Room 603, Faculty of Science Bldg.1, 6F

Research Field

Gravitational-Wave Astronomy

Research Subject

Observation of gravitational waves and astrophysics with them. Precision measurement experiments using laser interferometer: test of relativity and macroscopic quantum measurement.

Current Research

Detection of gravitational waves is expected to open a new window onto the Universe and brings us a new type of information about catastrophic events such as supernovae or coalescing binary neutron stars; these information cannot be obtained by other means such as optics, radio-waves or X-ray. For that purpose we are constructing a large-scale cryogenic gravitational-wave telescope, named KAGRA. This underground telescope is expected to catch gravitational waves from the coalescence of neutron-star binaries at the distance of 200Mpc. A space laser interferometer, DECIGO, was proposed through the study of the gravitational wave sources with cosmological origin. DECIGO could detect primordial gravitational waves from the early Universe at the inflation era. The precision measurement technique using laser interferometer will be also used for fundamental physics: test of relativity and macroscopic quantum measurement.


Gravitational Wave, Relativity, Laser interferometer, Quantum measurement